Student Instructions

We strongly recommend you print this page.


  1. Go to      
  2. If you haven't made your payment, click on “Sign Up”
  3. If you already made your payment and were issued a unique access code. Enter it in the login box in the upper right of the screen.
  4. After you are logged in, make sure all your info is correct e.g.. name, address, phone number. Then click "Update Now"
  5. You are now logged in.
  6. Click on  “Available Courses”
  7. Begin reading each course, then take and pass the test(s).
  8. When all courses are complete, click on the “Final Exam”
  9. Take and pass the final, and your almost done.
  10. After you pass your final, click on our logo. Then click the banner on the right to fill out our brief customer survey.


*Note when you return to the course, simply use login box in the upper right corner with your access code user name and password. 


That’s it! We will then mail your California DMV certificate to you.